Friday, December 28, 2007

Your Life
Living Via Motivation: A Logical Synopsis

All three life functions--thinking, speaking, and doing, occurs for the sole purpose of satisfying our motivations over which we have absolutely no control.

We are born with only the genetics prescribed by our lineage.

From that point, until death, we are fashioned by our genetics, our society, and our environment, all of which dictate what we will think, what we will say, and what we will do.

Be conscious of your motivations, and recognize that right, wrong, good, bad, are indeed only social perceptions, endorsed by all societies.

However, a half right, half wrong, half good, half bad, approach seems more logical.

Your acceptance of this writing will be minimal at best, as it will be unique, and far too much in contrast with your life, which is constantly being directed by your genetics, your society, and your environment.

The intent of this author is to convey a logical answer to why we think, speak, and do as we do.

Howard Fisher
Copyright 3/05